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About Us


About Us

Welcome to our brand new catalogue and online store.


Time for Stories was created specifically with teachers and parents in mind to promote the importance and benefits of story time with young children and to include simple resources to help bring these stories to life.

Our book packs are designed to develop and nurture a love of listening, looking and learning from stories that are read aloud by the story teller and help provide that special ‘bonding time’ that comes from these crucial sessions.

We sincerely hope that developing a love of story books at an early age will remain with that child throughout their childhood and adult life. The addition of finger puppets, puppets and soft toys appropriate to that particular story book really will help to hold children’s attention, bring the story to life and make it an unforgettable experience.

We see story time as a rich language development opportunity and a starting point for experiences across the whole curriculum. It will expose children to a wide range of texts and provide moments to imagine and dream!

Nursery Rhymes and songs:

We have included in our catalogue a wide range of nursery rhymes and songs. These will help children play with language and understand rhythm and rhyme. Sadly research has shown that a third of parents have never sung rhymes to their children, so these resources will support adults to enjoy precious moments together and enhance important special bonds.


Our wonderful range of puppets are a great way to focus children’s attention as story time is about to begin. They can also be used to accompany a story or become an added along with the children enjoying the story. We advise that children should first see a puppet ‘alive and animated’, so adults should hide them behind their backs. After their use they should be placed ‘alive’ into their own ‘home’ to add to the magic.

We advise that props and puppets should be used when the children have already been introduced to the story to avoid over distraction.

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Neil Griffiths the founder of Storysacks which began back in 1996. Neil has spent the last 23 years promoting the importance of story time and developing a love of reading in children across the world. He is therefore fully endorsing our wonderful new catalogue.

Neil has been committed for 17 years to supporting 7 Pre Schools in a large village in The Gambia. A portion of profits raised from all products in this catalogue will be donated to his charity Project Gambia. For further information go to htts://project Charity no: 1166472.